I was sitting in my apartment, enjoying a beer and watching a movie a few days later when Miranda called me.

“Hey, Miranda, you feeling better?”

“Slowly but surely, thanks. Anyway, I heard something interesting – thought you should hear about it.”

“Oh, what’s that?”

“It seems that Lima Industries has initiated a hostile takeover of Kasei Technologies. Kasei had a nasty worm get into their computer networks and it’s been wreaking havoc with their financial and research subnets.”

I felt my blood run cold. Just a data snatch. He’d said it was just a data snatch.

“You there?”

“Yeah, sorry Miranda, just thinking. That is interesting. Thanks for letting me know.”

“Anytime, man. Hey, I’ll be getting out of the clinic next week you want to get together with Giles for a few beers?”

“Sure, sounds good.” I was feeling distracted. “Let me know when.”

“Ok, talk to you.”

We hung up and I sank back into my chair – the movie forgotten.

Our run had been a cover. I’m sure that Price had wanted the data we snatched, but his real goal had been the worm. The worm that had ripped Kasei’s network apart and opened them up for a takeover. I’d helped a megacorp get bigger – the large fish eating the smaller fish to get a little bigger. Who knew what we’d done? How would it affect our rep in the shadows?

I wasn’t sure. I’d just have to keep running and play it by ear.


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